If you’ve found your way here, I must have done something right so far.

I do things differently than other PHOTOGRAPHERS, but i offer a lot to my clients. I want to make sure we’re a perfect fit for your special day.

Below you will find information about my packages, see a few full galleries, and read about add-on items.



  1. What's my approach?

    I got into photography because I liked hearing the story behind the pictures, and your wedding day is no different. I'm there to document what happens for you, so that years later you can use my photos to remember the visual as well as emotional memory of your day. That means for the majority of the day, I'm very hands off, focusing on finding the right images that tell a full story. You'll find me in the right place at the right time to get the best pictures, without needing you to feel like you're posing articially.

    During portraits, it's a little different. A lot of people are understandably nervous having their photo taken, so I give plenty of direction, good humor, and a fair amount of clumsiness to the fore to help set everyone at ease. Though I'm directing you, my intention is to create images that feel natural and authentic to you, with a little splash of creativity to make them even more unique.

    If you're nervous about being photographed on your wedding day, but are also someone who appreciates creative imagery, we'll be a perfect fit.

  2. What are the deliverables?

    You get all the edited files in high resolution JPEG format. Easily downloadable with no watermarks via an online gallery. Take a look at the full sample galleries below to get an idea about what those look like.

  3. Do I need a shotlist?

    About 1.5 months before your wedding I'll send you a questionnnaire asking you for everything I need to know about your wedding day. Included in there is the only shot list I specifically ask for, which are the groupings for family photos. If there are specific photos / priorities that you have, feel free to let me know as well and I'd be happy to keep those in mind.

  4. What are the costs for travel?

    Travel costs only apply with locations that require a flight or that are over 3 hours away from NYC. Destination weddings will be customized depending on the specifics of your location, however it’s generally 2 nights hotel and round trip flight out of the easiest airport.

  5. How does the deposit work?

    Half of the quoted package is a non refundable deposit to own the date. I have a policy of booking with whoever first submits their contract and pays the retainer for an inquired date.

  6. How do we book?

    After we’ve talked about which package works best for your wedding I’ll send along a formal proposal with the contract and payment information in a custom online portal.

  7. What are your albums like?

    I'm glad you asked! I love the feel of a good album; each one is handmade, uses archival quality ink / paper, and will last for decades with no appreciable loss in image quality.



The works:


  • 10 hours of photography coverage
  • Engagement session (1.5 hour)
  • Second photographer
  • Digital gallery of high-resolution images
  • 10x10 album

If you're looking for a turnkey option then this is just about everything I offer. This is ideal for clients with larger or more logistically complicated weddings; you get the whole shebang with this package. I only work with second photographers I would trust to photograph my own wedding, who match my style and approach. An album is the best way to relive your day through a handcrafted and carefully curated piece of art that will last decades (if not longer).

The Usual


  • 8 hours of photography coverage
  • Engagement session (1.5 hour)
  • Second photographer
  • Digital gallery of high-resolution images

This is my most commonly booked package, as it includes both wedding coverage and an engagement session. Engagement sessions help us get to know each other, so that you know what to expect on your wedding day in regards to my approach and what kind of photos we'll be taking.

The Essentials


  • 8 hours of photography coverage
  • Digital gallery of high-resolution images

Perfect for straightforward days with minimal logistics. If you're trying to keep things as simple as possible, this is the way to go!





No digital screen can truly and fully replace the feeling of holding physical art. This is something to keep in mind as you consider what you're looking to get out of your wedding photos.

It's a totally different experience to pull out a wedding album as compared to a Facebook post that compresses the image and quality of your images.

  • Starting at $850 for a 10x10 album with 15 spreads (various sizes and covers available)
  • Every album is designed by me with custom layouts. You can be as involved or not as you'd like in the whole process, so you have the perfect way to remember your incredible day

Unlimited Coverage

Though 8 hours of coverage is usually the perfect amount for most weddings… sometimes you need more. If you’re planning a particularly eventful day or just don’t want to think about it then this add-on has me there as long as you want.

  • Add $600
  • I'm available as early as you'd like all the way until 2 am (if for whatever reason you need coverage past that, let's talk)
  • Perfect for very lengthy wedding days when you don't want to think about the timeline at all

Album (65).jpg

Unplugged Discount

I started offering discounts for unplugged weddings since noticing a huge spike in tablets and phone cameras at nearly every wedding over the last few years. We can talk in more detail in person about it, but I’ve found it’s a win-win with your guests being more focused on the start of your marriage and me being able to photograph moments of people laughing and hugging instead of pointing at screens.

  • You make a best effort attempt to ask your guests to put their devices away until after the ceremony (reception is totally fine for selfies!)
  • I give you a $100 discount on any package you book with me