Buttermilk Falls Inn - Hudson Valley, NY | Chad and Eddie

One thing I always make sure my clients know is that the images they receive are not just an expression of my creative vision, but are actually a collaboration between myself and my clients. What that means is that in every photo, I want them to not only be stunning and beautiful artistic pieces, but I also want to see them as authentic to you as well. You should look at your photos and feel that if your friends and family saw those photos, they'd say something like "Yes that totally feels like how you two are normally!"

Working with Chad and Eddie was like that. They're a super low key couple, which you can also tell from their engagement session we did at Gantry State Park Plaza. For their day, their focus was on having photos that told a story, and I served as a fly on the wall. I wanted to emphasize simply telling a story about their day, without putting them through all sorts of weird poses or anything that made them feel awkward. For their formal portraits we worked on emphasizing the landscape of the beautiful venue they chose, Buttermilk Falls Inn, in the Hudson Valley.

It is very important to me is that all my clients feel welcome and comfortable with me, and have a great time with their photography. If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, or you simply want to do a couples session with your significant other, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you would like to see other work that I've done with other same-sex couples, click here