City Hall NYC, New York, NY - Mandy and Andy

Mandy and Andy were a fantastic couple to work with. We had a great time taking some natural photos both before and during the ceremony, after which we were able to go to Brooklyn Bridge (which is right there), and take some additional formal portraits. One advantage of being a photojournalist style phtoographer is that I focus a lot of time on getting to know the couple, and just taking pictures of their story, rather than putting them in awkward poses. So with Mandy and Andy, I focused on getting some photos of them at City Hall, doing my best to frame it such that they were the main focus (there were a lot of other people also getting married that day at City Hall). Additionally, even though the space was pretty packed, i wanted to make sure to give them their space so that they could enjoy the day as well as spend time with their parents, who were both visiting NYC just for their ceremony.

If you are looking for a photographer for your City Hall elopment or ceremony, please don't hesitate to contact me.