The Manor, West Orange, NJ - Ping and Brent

For this wedding at The Manor in West Orange, New Jersey, I had the pleasure of working alongside Tiffany Jean Lindner and Stefanie Murphy. On this particular day I was the dedicated second shooter, meaning I was doing three things.

First, I was backing up Tiffany and making sure that whatever angles she was getting, I was either getting a separate focal length or getting a different angle to get a different shot. By working together like this, two photographers can capture a more complete vision of your day, and the double coverage is helpful for moments like your first kiss, or your first dance - things that only happen once and happen quickly.

Second, I was helping her to move the trains on time. With so many things happening during a wedding day, your photographers are working with all your different vendors to make sure that everything happens on time and without a hitch. THat means we're all equal parts kid whisperers, family wranglers, and loudspeakers, to make sure that you get to have the time of your life and we all have a good time!

And lastly, I'm working on getting all sorts of creative and fun angles. For example, when Ping was walking down the aisle for her ceremony, she was walking down these beautiful arches, which I wanted to get the side nagle of, so that you can see them and her in the same image.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to tell the story of your big day, please don't hesitate to reach out.