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Riverpark, New York, New York - Brian and Scott

From a day that started at The Royalton Park Avenue Hotel, followed by a ceremony and brunch at Riverpark NYC, and then karaoke at Japas 38, everything was intentionally chosen to be the purest expression of their love for one another. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to be there to document their day and share in their love.

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Rock Island Lake Club, Sparta, NJ - Tara and Zach

When i was first told about Tara and Zach, I was told two things: 1. They are shy in front of the camera, and 2. They want to have photos that feature the venue and the church. On the day of however, I realized that while they may individually not have been super comfortable in front of the camera, together they balanced each other so incredibly well that it was an absolute breeze to photograph them.

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