my couples are a unique group of people

  • They know what it takes to get the perfect shot, and if shoes need to come off and feet need to get a little dirty, that's ok.
  • They want photos that fits their personality, not just what's trending right now.
  • They might decide that karaoke is preferable to dancing, or have their dog be their ringbearer.
  • They are passionate and easy-going.

They want to have a good time on their wedding day, and want everyone around them to have a good time too. So chances are good that you'll find me celebrating right alongside them, cheering when they cut the cake, or (if they insist), taking shots with them during the afterparty.

Keep scrolling to learn a little more about what the typical client experience is like, or click the buttons to jump to certain sections.




step one:

let's get a drink

After you fill out the contact form, I'll reach out (sometimes within minutes, I'm so excited I usually can't help myself) and set up some time with you to meet (either in person or over the phone).

This is to (a) make sure we vibe, (b) get an idea of what your wedding day looks like, and (c) figure out what kind of photography package would be right for you. I frequently build custom packages to meet the needs of my clients, so don't be hesitant if there's specific things you want or don't want out of your package, and we can talk about it!

step two:

hurry up and wait

Once we've landed on the right combination of coverage for your wedding day, we're usually in a bit of a holding pattern until your engagement session.

The engagement session is a time for all of us to hangout and unlearn some bad habits you might have previously acquired about being in front of the camera. We'll pick a location that's meaningful to you and reflects you as a couple, find a day we're free about an hour or two before sunset, and have some fun.

step three:

let's party

Leading up to your wedding day, I'll be in touch to coordinate any logistics and make sure we've dotted our i's and crossed our t's. I'll also coordinate with your other vendors to make sure we're all on the same page about the timelines, and make sure your timeline reflects your priorities.

Then it's go time.



the approach

For the majority of the day, I'm very hands off, focusing on finding the right images that tell a full story. You'll find me in the right place at the right time to get the best pictures, without needing you to feel like you're posing articially.

During portraits, it's a little different. A lot of people are understandably nervous having their photo taken, so I bring plenty of direction, good humor, and a fair amount of clumsiness to the fore to help set everyone at ease. Though I'm directing you, my intention is to create images that feel natural and authentic to you, with a little splash of creativity to make them even more special.

If you're nervous about being photographed on your wedding day, but are also someone who appreciates creative imagery, we'll be a perfect fit.

do I need a shotlist?

About 1 month before your wedding I'll send you a questionnnaire asking you for everything I need to know about your wedding day. Included in there is the only shot list I specifically ask for, which are the groupings for family photos. If there are specific photos / priorities that you have, feel free to let me know as well and I'd be happy to keep those in mind.



enjoy your honeymoon

After your wedding, you get to take a big deep breath. It's over. You made it. Enjoy that feeling, and enjoy your honeymoon. You'll hear from me when your photos are finished and ready for you.

In the meantime, enjoy a book by the beach (or mountain, or whatever you'd like to do on your honeymoon).

When your gallery is ready, you'll hear from me, as well as any initial proofs for any pre-ordered albums and printed products. Every printed product is custom designed by me, and you can be as involved or not as you like throughout the process.