wedding photography should be fun, not stressful

Finding the right photographer is about finding a collaborator and a partner, someone who’s with you from day one, makes sure you look your best and helps you forget about the camera


I love telling a good story.

When working with you, I balance two goals. First, I want you to have fun. If I’m doing my job right, we should be laughing, having a good time, and enjoying ourselves. Second, I want your photos to speak for themselves - the story, moment, and emotion should be clear, wrapped up in a little bit of that “wow” factor.

Weddings days are a special day where we get to do both, where you’re at your best and surrounded by loved ones. I am grateful that you’ve stumbled onto my corner of the internet, and I do hope what I’ve said resonates with you. I’m based in New York, NY, but am available to work anywhere in the world.

peace of mind

Finding the right photographer is as much about fit and trust as it is about artistic ability. I’m humbled by the trust my clients put in me to ensure not just great photos, but peace of mind on your big day.


I hope that every one of my photos serves to tell the story of your day. Your photos should feel right, authentic, and true to what you’re actually like.


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